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Where blood flows…

De Ader is an initiative of several organizations with the aim of increasing the unity of the residents of Breda through dancing together.

We dance in a socially safe environment close to home, which provides opportunities for everyone to participate. We are also active in the public space and speak to people on the street. We are discovering that you can increase togetherness by dancing together and we share strong and intimate life stories. Because after dancing, the conversation becomes different, a little more openhearted. The Vein is inspiring and engaging for residents, creators, students and neighborhood professionals alike, working together. Watching dance, looking at the environment, participating, creating and reflecting together, give dynamism to the living environment and contribute to positive health.


Dance through the neighborhood

On Sunday, April 23 and Saturday, April 29 (International Day of Dance), audiences witnessed the first phase of The Vein. These well-attended afternoons were filled with performances, film and audience conversations. The film below gives a strong impression of the process and community building in anticipation of the next phase. After seeing the film and photos, do you feel like participating or contributing to the Ader in your own way? Then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch via the contact form or send an email to

Would you like to dance with us? That’s certainly possible! Click below for more information.

"It was an unforgettable day! We enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere between the dancers, the mutual respect and friendliness, radiated to the audience. Elise's solo performance brought the statue of the Baadster, hidden among the tall buildings and overlooking the shopping plaza, completely to life. Very beautiful to see! We as dancers recognized exercises in her dance performance, such as mirroring and statues."


" want to keep dancing with you, I can really be myself here."

Alisa9 jaar

"I want to thank the team that guided me to move to music, kudos to you."


"Even before our bow with applause, ladies from the neighborhood of 'Heuvel' came to dance with me. I enjoyed it immensely."

Peter83 jaar

"It was beautiful to watch the dancers come out of their shell so much. How they were given a stage to express themselves in connection."


"The way you keep everyone involved and engaged. No one is alone or feels lost. And that is so important! As if you have all your senses open and are constantly observing that. You see that the group is slowly taking over. That it is not only about your own dancing pleasure, but also how to spark that in the other person."


"It was the first time in my life that I saw a story in a dance. You may not have intended it that way at all, but I was completely swept away, from beginning to end. I also recognized all sorts of things we did in dance class. From that walking as if the floor under your feet is all yours, and what you see in the reflection of the water."


"My wife passed away, I've only lived here for a year. I didn't know anyone and felt lonely. Now I belong somewhere, I belong to this group. And I can't dance well, but I can participate simply in my way."


"Can't we go on tour with our entire dance group?"



Dance through the neighborhood!

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