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About De Ader

De Ader is an initiative of several organizations with the goal of increasing the unity of the residents of Breda by dancing together.

De Ader is a dance by the neighborhood. Here we are looking for answers to the question "what it does it mean to be connected?" The Ader runs through Breda South-West along the important town squares that connect various neighborhoods. The Ader is our stage.


At De Ader, we dance in a socially safe environment close to home and that provides opportunities for everyone to participate.

We are discovering that you can increase togetherness by dancing together and we share strong and intimate life stories. Because after dancing, the conversation becomes different, a little more openhearted. The Vein is inspiring and engaging for residents, creators, students and neighborhood professionals alike, working together. Watching dance, looking at the environment, participating, creating and reflecting together, give dynamism to the living environment and contribute to positive health. Topics that are high on our societal agenda.

Each dance encounter is unique.

Involved people shaped these meetings with us in their own way. In a housing complex, at the shopping center on a town square, being in a movie together or dancing in a community center. Everywhere we witnessed how the bond between resident and dancer, young and old, evolved and how trust developed. And we have only just begun.


Dance through the neighborhood!

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